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One of Bishop John A. Henderson Sr. final message

Jusus is more real than Coca-Cola - Bishop John A. Henderson Sr.

Honor to our Founders


Proverbs 29:18 states:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”


Because of the vision of one man. The Miracle Temple church did not perish – it held steadfast and unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.   History shows that our labor is not in vain in the Lord. The Greater Miracle Temple Apostolic Church was started under the leadership of Bishop John A. Henderson, Sr., who was called into the ministry in1954, teaching the Apostolic Doctrine.   His vision and desire to teach the people about the true apostle doctrine led him to start many missions and to build this Church at 2201 St. Marks Street where we stand today on a solid foundation.           


In early 1957 (THE YEAR OF THE VISION) - God expanded Bishop John A. Henderson’s vision to establish a church in Tallahassee, Florida.   In 1958

 (THE YEAR THE VISION BEGAN TO DEVELOPED) .  Determined to make his vision a reality, in the summer of 1958, Bishop Henderson found and rented a Hall on Nassau Street in Tallahassee, Florida for a place of worship.  His congregation started with his family (wife – Mother Catherine Henderson and their three children); Mother Flossie Davis, Deacon Freeman Davis, Sr., and a few other members and their families.  As time went on, Bishop Henderson and the saints desired a permanent place of worship. In 1961 - The land was purchased for a new place of worship to be built on the corner of Campbell and Saint Marks Street.   


In 1963 - The Miracle Temple Church was chartered. In 1967 - Bishop Henderson’s vision did not stop in Tallahassee; he wanted to expand his teaching, so in 1967 - Mother Fannie Anderson donated a church building 

to start an Apostolic Church in Chaires, Florida.  It was called the True Holiness 

Church.  The first members were Mother Fannie Anderson and Mother Annie Thompson.  


In 1968 - The Miracle Temple church in Tallahassee, Florida was completed and 

named “Miracle Temple Apostolic Holiness Church.”  This church became a soul 

saving, healing and counseling center. In 1973 - The Miracle Temple Day Care was built. In 1978 - Bishop Henderson started another church in Dayton, Florida and installed Elder Freeman Davis, Jr., as Pastor of the church in Chaires.  Later that same year another mission was started in Defuniak Springs, Florida.     


In 1987 - The church was incorporated and made a part of the old Miracle Temple Church and a baptism pool was purchased. In 1991-1993 - Six additional lots were purchased and paid off.   The church was enlarged and the name was changed to the “Greater Miracle Temple Apostolic Holiness Church”.     


In 1994 - A new place for worship was started in Colquitt, Georgia. In 1995 - Bishop John Henderson installed Elder Jacob B. Henderson as Pastor of Miracle Temple in Colquitt, Georgia and Assistant Pastor of Miracle Temple in Tallahassee, FL.    


In 2001 - The saints purchased a marquee and a 2001 Ford Van for the church. 

In 2005 - On March 5th, Bishop John A. Henderson was called home and on March 19th Elder Jacob B. Henderson, Sr. became the Pastor of the Greater Miracle Temple Church of Tallahassee.

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Bishop John A. Henderson Sr.     Mother Catherine Henderson

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